Flip Master Home

Flip Master Home

Make consecutive flips to successfully reach the bed in Flip Master Home. This game challenges you to jump on objects in a room, and the final destination is the bed. Perform jumps and somersaults in the air to keep your balance on objects. Avoid falling to the ground! How many levels can you complete?

How To Play

Get ready to show off your jumping and diving skills in this game. Objects in the room: cabinet, lamp, microwave, lipstick, and the ending point is the bed. Your task is to help him jump on objects in the house and reach his bed. Estimate the distance and make appropriate jumps and double jumps so you can reach and stand on the object. Be careful to avoid letting the guy fall to the ground; otherwise, the game will end. There are many difficult levels for you to explore. Have fun!


Click once to jump, two or more times to double jump.

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