Evil Non Scary Horror Game Adventure

Evil Non Scary Horror Game Adventure

The Evil Non Scary Horror Game Adventure is a take on the horror genre that features the undead nun as a playable character. The challenge of surviving in a school protected by a fearsome demonic nun with superhuman hearing. You must flee the monstrous nun who is hot on your trail. She will put an end to your escape adventure if she catches you.

How to play

 You must find places to hide from the nun, who may be lurking everywhere, from the school grounds to the farm to the parking lot. Chewing gum guns and exploding dolls are two examples of bent weaponry that may be used to solve puzzles. To avoid defeat at the hands of the dead nun, you must escape death, complete puzzles, and save your soul. Protect yourself from the monster that will suddenly attack. Avoid making any noise, since the spectral nun will follow the sound to your location.

 If you love extreme horror adventure games, you can challenge yourself more with Evil Nun Schools Out game. Run away from the evil nun.

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