Duel of wizards

Duel of wizards

Put your wizardry to the test in the action game Duel of wizards by engaging in a magical duel. Enter a captivating world of magical wand spells and one-button battles inspired by the Harry Potter series. Play this free online game and vanquish adversaries by casting spells and swinging your wand like a real wizard. You can show off your magical abilities on a wide variety of levels.

How To Play

You may expect a plethora of fantastical headwear for your character and an abundance of hilarious and ridiculous circumstances. You must use your magical abilities to strike your enemies in this game. Face off against a computer-controlled wizard or a friend-controlled wizard; the victorious wizard takes all! Inflict harm by attacking with the fire from your wand. Keep throwing spells until your wand is pointed directly at your opponent, and win stars to unlock new stages and headwear. Your arm will rotate with every shot you take. While one-button games force you to concentrate on a single action, they also present the difficulty of having few alternatives. Once you get the hang of timing, you'll be a master magician in no time.


Use the down arrow and S key or touch to play.

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