Drunken Table Wars

Drunken Table Wars

Drunken Table Wars challenges your tug-of-war skills and strength in this new game. Players will participate in a fiery tug-of-war to prove their strength and skills. However, it is not simply a regular tug-of-war game; the game has interesting variations. Two players will participate in a table-pulling competition, trying to pull the table towards them to win. In each match, there will be additional obstacles and challenges to make the game more interesting and thrilling. Make a smart game plan and become a champion.

How To Play

Are you ready for this exciting competition? In the stands, the audience is excited and cheering passionately; don't disappoint them. Show off your tug-of-war skills and strength. Try to quickly pull the table toward you before your opponent does. If you win five levels, you will be the winner. However, one note that you need to pay attention to is that at each level, the game will provide different items, such as bombs and weights falling on the table, that can change the advantage, making the game more difficult and challenging. It's time to show off your skills, come up with a specific playing strategy, and wisely defeat your opponents and win. The game has two game modes: one player or two players. Practice in single-player mode with the CPU. Or challenge your friends in two-player mode. A tip to help you win more easily is to control the keys quickly and have a good playing strategy with items. Have fun!


  • Player 1: "W" or Touch the screen
  • Player 2: "UP ARROW" or Touch the screen

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