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Drunken Fighters Online

Drunken Fighters Online

Prepare yourself for an exciting and crazy hand-to-hand, inebriated fighting game called Drunken Fighters Online! Can your swift and strong punches knock out every opponent? Protect your life at all times by moving quickly around the boxing ring. Enjoy!

How To Play

Take charge of two inebriated fighters as they square off in the ring. The object of the game is to hit your opponent enough times to make them lose health, because if the computer wins before you do, you lose. To move forward and launch an attack, touch the right side of the screen; to move backward and launch an attack, touch the left side. There is a battle in each of the game's fifteen stages that is both more challenging to win than the one before it and far more engaging. Level fifteen is the boss level. You can use the stars you gain from battle to improve your stickman warrior and upgrade your own avatar. superior. Have fun!


  • Player 1: ARROW KEYS
  • Player 2: W,A,S,D

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