Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game
Dinosaur Game is a classic 2D jumping game in which players control a T-Rex dinosaur through a dangerous desert filled with traps. Start the Dinosaur Game by pressing the spacebar. When the dinosaur starts to run, it will face its first challenge: getting past the cacti that stand in its way.

How To Play

If you've used Google Chrome before, you've probably played the browser's famous offline game. In the event of a temporary loss of network connectivity, a small gray dinosaur will appear on your screen. To begin your Jurassic journey, press the spacebar. Help the T-rex avoid deadly obstacles like cacti and buzzards as he races across a pixelated desert environment. At the 400-point mark, the game adds Pteranodons (or Pterodactyls), which are flying dinosaurs. Jump at just the right moment to avoid collisions that will send you back to the beginning.


  • To begin, hit Space or [].
  • Hold [] or Space to have the dinosaur jump higher.
  • To avoid being trampled by Pteranodons, press the [] key.
  • Put the game on hold by pressing [ALT] or [F11].

In the event that the T-Rex runs into an impediment, like a cactus, the game will terminate immediately. If this happens, try pressing the spacebar or the [] key on your keyboard before tapping T-Rex to start over.

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