To become the ultimate champion in Cyclomaniacs, you'll need to compete in a number of different arenas. You have to be a brave traveller to reach your desired location. Can you run with all your speed and bear the heat of this competition?

How to play

This is a racing game with many tracks set in different locations. From the sands to the volcanoes, from Sunset City to the frontiers, and finally to the Moon, this journey has it all. Gain access to new content and playable characters by completing races as a competent robot. Get on your motorcycle, put on your helmet, and rev it up to eleven. To gain access to more playable characters and abilities, you'll need to spend as much time as possible in the air. Fill the stunt metre by doing daring stunts. The game gets more enjoyable as you go through the stages and acquire additional trophies. Get a rush from something fresh by playing this thrilling racing game.


Arrows / WASD = accelerate / brake / balance, Space = jump

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