Cycling Hero

Cycling Hero

The racing game Cycling Hero is fast-paced and exciting. You need to ride swiftly and take out other riders to become the winner of the bike race. Take down your professional competition by using the brakes. In this high-stakes racing game, you must do everything it takes to come out on top.


How To Play

As soon as the game begins, push the start button, and then sprint as far as you can. Challenge three rivals to a thrilling bike race. In addition, you can score points by bumping into your opponents and eliminating them that way. You can slow down your opponent by hitting them with your back tire. Get a good score by whizzing past obstacles and increasing your speed. You can't go very fast when there are puddles on the ground. Complexity and difficulty will increase as the process progresses. Bicycles are controlled by pressing the arrow keys. Induction boosts for incredibly fast speeds If you're harmed more than three times, you're out of the game.

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