Crush Ball Kingdom Fall

Crush Ball Kingdom Fall

Get ready to kill some wicked monarchs in Crush Ball Kingdom Fall! Navigate your way from one side of a massive medieval city to the other, avoiding hazards as you smash objects and attempt to crush everyone who is in your way. In preparation for this thrilling journey, are you ready?

How To Play

The army rose up in rebellion against their own king, who was revealed to be a brutal dictator who imposed further taxes on his subjects. Some risk-takers choose to aim precisely. In order to aid them, you must direct the cannon to shoot down everything in its route, culminating in the destruction of the throne and the monarch. Stay on track as you race full steam ahead to overtake the king and bring him crashing down from his throne. The challenging mission of destroying everything and scoring as many points as possible to win can be made more enjoyable by unlocking a wide variety of unique and customizable balls. Enjoy!


  • Engaging and enjoyable gameplay
  • Discover special balls and explore over a hundred levels
  • It's Simple to Use - It Just Requires One Finger
  • The effects of a massive explosion and devastation

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