Crazy Driver Noob

Crazy Driver Noob

Join the journey to explore the world and receive lucky boxes in Crazy Driver Noob. Players control the car to conquer roads with many obstacles to the finish line safely to get the lucky box. Show off your driving skills and dexterity. Have fun!


How To Play

In this game, you will help noobs drive on romantic roads lined with green trees. However, pay attention to the fact that on the way, there are many obstacles that block your wheels. Keep a reasonable speed on each different road segment. When going up and downhill, avoid collisions and let the car overturn or fall into a hole. Don't forget to collect gold and buy new outfits for noobs. Can you conquer and return to the finish line with the lucky box?


  • Press the "W" key to move forward. Press the "W" key to go backwards.
  • Press "A and D" Keys to adjust the balance of the car.

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