Bone Breaker Tycoon

Bone Breaker Tycoon

Hit the hardest jumps in Bone Breaker Tycoon. As far as you can hurl the stick without breaking any bones, that's the goal. Bones will break at a faster rate the farther you can toss them. As you break more bones, it will become easier. Good luck!

How To Play

You can make money in this game by tossing huge groups of people down the mountain. Wounds, bruises, fractured bones, etc., multiply in direct proportion to one's income. Recruit up to a hundred new mob members (Jack and Jill) using your hard-earned cash. Improve insurance payouts, make better use of bigger mountains, and even give your monsters unique names and colors. A plethora of additional balls will appear as you plummet from the mountain. Use your character's abilities to fall into them and get bonus cash.

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