Bike Racing 3

Bike Racing 3

Start an amazing race on motorcycles by picking one of the infinitely difficult courses in Bike Racing 3. Earn money to unlock interesting new tracks and bikes to ride around on. You need to save up as much money as you can to buy the final, extremely potent motorcycle. Is it time for you to hop on your motorbike and hit the open road?

How to play

Your driving skills have been exposed for all to see. Start up your motorbike and head out onto the open savannah roads. You have been given the objective of progressing as far as possible. To save money on petrol, you should only press these pedals when absolutely necessary. Collecting money along the route allows you to improve your motorcycle's stats including its fuel capacity, motor power, tyre quality, and steadiness. Use the virtual gas pedal and brake to maintain a comfortable riding pace and prevent crashing. These will make it easier for you to go such distances. Motorbikes and motorcycles come in a wide variety, and so do the terrains on which they can be ridden. In the event of a fall, you will have to begin over. Get going if you're prepared to win this bike race.

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