A multiplayer map is available in the well-known shooting game Battledudes. You are tasked with completing a crucial job while battling and eliminating every foe you come across. Play on many maps, each with its own settings, items and weaponry. Jeeps and tanks can be used to move more swiftly and combat more successfully. Enjoy!

How to play

In order to defeat as many opponents as you can, pick your squad, battle as a group, and help one another. Gain points by capturing the opposing flag and bringing it back to your base while preventing their success. Over 20 different weapons are available to you and can be unlocked by completing game objectives and earning experience points. Pick up the weapon to fire more forcefully and continuously than ever. It's essential to constantly keep track of your team's and the opposition's statistics, as well as your own health, running speed, weapon switching speed, and reloading speed. After three rounds, the player with the highest score who is still standing is declared the winner. In this amazing game, you can hide to reload while in battle, hop in and out of boats to travel from island to island, and much more.


Use your touch screen to play, the WASD keys to navigate, E to enter a vehicle, R to reload, and the mouse to fire. The settings menu allows for changing the controls.

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