Balanced Running

Balanced Running

Time to put your puppeteering abilities to the test in the exciting new game, Balanced Running! This trek will be a little rough initially. It's important to give serious consideration to how long you need to keep the button depressed. Strive for harmony in your movement, and see your character through to the end!


How To Play

In this game, you must complete a journey on foot while avoiding traps. These roadblocks may look innocent, but they actually pose a significant threat. You will either run into the obstructions or have trouble getting around them if your footing isn't solid. Do everything you need to do to keep from tumbling to the floor. The character will take a very long step if you hold too much, which could lead to failure. Plus, there are power-ups to pick up along the route that will make it easier to deal with specific challenges. You and a friend may double the pleasure by taking on this test together in 2-player mode.


  • Person 1: "W" (the "UP ARROW" key may also be used in single-player mode).
  • Player 2: UP ARROW
 If you like this game and want to experience another balance challenge, you can try it QWOP. Have fun!
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