Awesome Tanks 3

Awesome Tanks 3

Get ready to participate in a fierce war in Awesome Tanks 3. Control a battle tank and shoot down all your opponents' tanks and mechanical machines. Feel the lively and exciting sound. There are 18 different levels of complex maps. Become the ultimate survival winner!

How To Play

Prepare your battle tank now to prepare for a fiery battle. The enemy army is very large and formidable. Your mission is to fight hard, aiming to capture all enemy tanks and cannons, including the machines that create new tanks. Prepare yourself with the wisest fighting strategy. Watch the map carefully, hide, and fight to destroy monsters and enemy tanks, and discover hidden areas on the military map. Don't forget to use the money you earn to upgrade weapons and increase your strength. While completing 18 difficult levels, experience the exhilarating sound of bullets.


WASD and keyboard arrows to move Click to Shoot Touch the game buttons on the screen on mobile devices

Tips and tricks

  • Navigate the level-specific maze-like maps to dodge the tanks' bullets and sneak up on them from behind.
  • Stay away from hostile guns, and don't get yourself blown to smithereens.

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