100 Doors: Escape Puzzle

100 Doors: Escape Puzzle

The mind game 100 Doors: Escape Puzzle is a hard escape puzzle. Dive into the exciting adventures of Lord Kelly's Lost Estate. To progress through the game, you must use your intelligence and ingenuity to complete the challenges and find the keys to open the locked doors. The search for something hidden. Take on dozens of exciting quests and unbelievable obstacles. Have fun!

How to play

Finding the things and solving the riddles will allow you to get through the locked doors and out of the room. To get access to locked areas, you'll need to solve logical puzzles, find hidden objects, and win minigames. Explore the mansion of Lord Kelly and see what you can find. Look around for hints that might lead you to a way out. Witness the beautiful visuals. In order to unlock the door, you must first solve a series of puzzles that call for a thorough investigation of your surroundings. You can only complete a level if you discover or create the door leading out of it and, in some cases, use a key to open it. Find the answers to puzzles on multiple, varied levels. Enjoy!


Use mouse.

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