Moto Beach Jumping Simulator Game

Moto Beach Jumping Simulator Game

In Moto Beach Jumping Simulator Game, picture yourself zipping around the island's tropical beach on your motocross bike. Jump on your motorcycle, rev it up, and show off your skills on the massive ramps. Collect points by launching yourself off the stunt ramps and beat the clock to claim victory.


How To Play

Do you ever fantasize about getting behind the wheel of a race car and performing tricks like jumping over walls? The Moto Beach Jumping Simulator Game challenges players to avoid falling into the sea while trying to land as close to the white line as possible. You gain more points for making that challenging jump the closer you are to the starting line. Get the greatest score possible by performing stunts. Jump over the curbs and swerve around the puddles. Gain more points and raise your score by picking up coins along the way. To control the vehicle's direction, press the Left or Right arrow keys. When combined with the down arrows, the up arrow key spins the screen by a full 360 degrees.

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