Blob Opera

Blob Opera

Create your own unique opera scores in Blob Opera. The game will help you achieve your dream of becoming an opera artist. The game crafts captivating opera music, drawing inspiration from the melodious notes and voices of four renowned opera singers. With its intriguing and humorous gameplay, it will definitely keep you entertained for hours.

How To Play

It's time to make your musical dreams come true. Create your own unique version of Opera. You can utilize a machine learning model that draws inspiration from the melodious voices of four renowned opera singers. Bringing a realistic and professional musical experience with Christian Joel as tenor, Frederick Tong as bass, Joanna Gamble as soprano, and Olivia Doutney as soprano. A machine-learning model effectively controls audio through vibrant, entertaining blobs. The operation is straightforward; you simply drag the mouse to adjust the pitch of the note. Drag the blobs to perceive the unique pitch and sound of the music you create. Share your unique opera music with friends and family, and enjoy endless fun.


Raising and lowering the blobs changes the pitch. To represent different vowel sounds, you can use reversal and forward motion. Thanks to another machine learning model, the blobs can respond to and harmonize your input in real time.

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