Noob vs Cops

Noob vs Cops

You take on the role of Noob in the video game Noob vs Cops, a character who is the target of relentless pursuit by zombie police officers. To escape their clutches, you'll have to steer your boat through perilous obstacles and destroy the zombie cops that are hot on your trail. Take up the challenge as Noob and sail the seven seas in search of loot and glory as a pirate captain.

How To Play

Throughout each thrilling mission, you'll need to outwit the zombie cops if you want to become the captain of a formidable pirate ship and the greatest pirate. Collect fish to earn points, and use those points to upgrade your ship and your arsenal. Do better and push yourself to new limits. Expertly sidestep hazards and evade the following zombie police. Your boat and weaponry can be upgraded and improved with these points, making you more formidable in battle. Get ready for an exciting journey where you'll have to battle for your life and demonstrate your talents to survive!

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